Yeson UK had announced the launch of a new range of autoclaves priced at a point which the company hopes is going to disrupt the marketplace.

The company says the new range performs as well as the leading brands and delivers consistently reliable sterilisation, but at a much lower price point than the market has seen before. The entry level 8 Litre machine retails at £1,100.

The Yeson machines range in size from an 8 litre to a 22 litre capacity and offer quiet Class B operation, 7 pre-set sterilisation programs, B&D Helix testing and a choice of printer or USB reporting.

Yeson UK MD Will Thomas said: "The autoclave market has been dominated by a few major players for many years and until now they’ve been largely unchallenged. Many people are now asking “why should I pay thousands more for a utility machine such as an autoclave? We’re just hoping that we can meet the demand."

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