TVM (previously Forum Animal Health) has announced that over the coming weeks, Apometic will be replaced by Emedog, a new, improved apomorphine injection with a new concentration and new dose.

TVM says Emedog provides less wastage, provides easier dosing and is a solution designed specifically for veterinary use.

Simon Boulton MRCVS, Marketing Manager at TVM said: "The use of apomorphine in practice is a vital first-line response when emesis is required due to the ingestion of unwanted substances.

However, 86% of vets questioned thought that wastage was an issue with Apometic and many thought that dosing was difficult in very small animals due to tiny volumes. The new solution is Emedog. Practitioners must be aware that the dose of Emedog is different to that of Apometic and use accordingly."

TVM have provided a dosing guide as part of a changeover pack to aid in the transition. For a copy, contact your local TVM territory manager, email them via, download from or ring 01737 781416.